He quietly approached his prey like a cheetah, and then pounced on his prey like thunder.
The distance between two people is rapidly shortening. If you get any closer, david silva will lose the shooting angle!
It seems that Lazio’s golden opportunity is going to fail this time.
It’s all david silva’s fault. He brought too much!
Maybe it would be better if he chose the ball just after Cannavaro?
People who think so have forgotten david silva’s previous excellent performance …
Buffon stared at the approaching prey … Ah, not david silva
He feels that he is going to run one more step and is in a very suitable distance, and then he can hold the football in his own hands.
Take a step forward, leap forward and fall to the ground …
This set of buffon is very skilled
But just when he fell to the ground, he found that the football was gone.
It’s the football in the field of vision!
Where did the football go?
When Buffon almost tackled the football, david silva pushed the football to the left with his right foot, which was beyond Buffon’s control!
But it is almost impossible for him to get rid of Buffon’s defense because he is too close …
In fact, when his right foot just pulled the football out, it had already hit Buffon’s palm.
He can scream and then fall to the ground.
This is a penalty. Maybe Buffon will be given a red card.
If this is a Spanish league, it may be okay to do so.
But this is Italy and Juventus, so we can do it.
David silva doesn’t know much about Juventus and Italian football, but Rocchi’s offside foul just now made david silva realize that their opponents are different, and some things may not be reasonable.
So he didn’t choose to fall to the ground.
How can he get rid of Buffon if he does this?
David silva root didn’t want to get rid of!
He pushed the football to the left with his right foot and pushed it directly with his left foot!
The whole dynamic connection is very smooth, just like running water, without any pause or stagnation
But it’s not really a shot move. It’s a manual move. Spanish players are the most skilled … "Fried Pills"!
That is, the right foot or left foot pushes the football in the opposite direction, and then the other foot quickly pushes the football forward with the trend, and at the same time, the player flexibly dodges the opponent and grabs it from the opponent to complete a beautiful pass.
David silva didn’t have this move, but he shot creatively!
It’s really finished!
Football was pushed to the goal by him!
And he himself was thrown to the ground by Buffon at the same time.
Yes, he doesn’t care anymore. He fell to the ground and looked up at the football rolling ahead.
The football bounced to the goal at a low speed.
Then he saw his legs rush past …
I feel that there is no problem. david silva is struggling to get up from the ground. If the opponent really destroys the football, he has to make sure that he has the spare capacity to complete the shot.
Buffon seems to know what he wants to do. Hold on tight. He tugged at his ankle and david silva pedaled.
But he got up quickly and staggered forward …
"david silva shoots-rober kovac-"
David silva saw that the owner of those legs was rober kovac.
He chased after the football from behind and saw it rolling towards the goal, so he flew over and tried to destroy it with scissors.
This is a difficult move.
He has to adjust his body orientation during the sliding shovel, or he will shovel the football into the goal with one foot, which will be an oolong.